The Work

Assimilation of Charles Eastman

Original: charcoal on paper 69″ x 51″ 

Giclee print: 17.25″ x 12.75″

Charles Eastman, three quarter Sioux, was the grandson of painter George Eastman. Charles’s life was intrinsically bound up in the strong elements of both Native and Euro ethnicities. He was educated in an Indian Christian school in Illinois followed by his undergraduate training in Wisconsin and Dartmouth Colleges, and a PhD. from Boston University Medical School. In 1891 he served as the reservation doctor at Wounded Knee during the time of the Sioux massacre. In later years he founded the American Boy Scout movement and served as Theodore Roosevelt’s first U.S. Commissioner of Reservations.

His life was a continuous reflection of his immersion into two different world cultures. That assimilation and the process of acculturation galvanized the best elements of both worlds.

original art Original art: $12,000.00
The original art has graciously been made available to benefit the Peter McLean Fund.
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