The Work

Pequot Bingo Bonus

Original: charcoal on paper 50″ x 42″

Giclee print: 17.25″ x 12.75

The drawing was inspired after attending an academic historical conference in the late 1980’s concerning the history of the Pequot Nation in Connecticut. The last day of the conference was held at their very gigantic “Bingo” facility which was the forerunner of their giant gambling casino “Foxwoods”. In the drawing, “Bingo Woman” is a self portrait of Peter in “drag” who has won the bonus. Her prize, on stage is to grab in a given time as many $ bills as possible that are being blown through the wind cube. The bottom of the box cube transitions into a garage next to a modern house in front of which stands a modern Pequot family, assimilated into the American way of life. Bingo Woman and the Pequot share the same goal of acquisition in a competitive society.

original art Original art: $6,000.00
The original art has graciously been made available to benefit the Peter McLean Fund.
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