The Work

OKA – Quebec

Original: charcoal on paper 57″ x 72″

Giclee print: 17.25″ x 12.75″

The charcoal drawing “OKA – Quebec” was inspired by a violent armed confrontation between the Mohawk Indians of the Kanesatake Mohawk Communiy and the town of Oka, Quebec in 1990. This resulted in the Canadian government intervention. The major issue concerning this confrontation was caused by developers attempting to transform the Mohawk’s sacred forest and burial ground into proposed residential condominiums and an expanded golf course. The confrontation was resolved in favor of the Mohawks. After completing this drawing and unknown to me, a photo appeared in the New York Times showing two masked and camouflaged warriors sitting in a golf cart under a cemetery portal.

original art Original art: $7,000.00
The original art has graciously been made available to benefit the Peter McLean Fund.
Giclee prints are available in the following sizes:
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